In a time when the future is known yet free will indisputably exists, people are dying - melting, from the inside out.

With a recent technological breakthrough, extrapolated particle positions can be predicted with 100% precision. But given exact knowledge of an immutable future, people cannot resist the urge to try to change it to suit their needs. With the help of the Future Miners, the general public discovers that tinkering with this paradox yields mostly destruction and confusion; but it doesn't keep some from coming back to them again and again.

Y.P., the son of the reclusive creator of the technology, is left to unravel the questions of an accusing public and the warring conglomerates that feed off of the paranoia resulting in paralyzing questions of the technologys possibility, and the frightening reality of paradox-busting.

La Llanta will baffle yet intrigue and possibly inspire careful consideration of a similar future. Indeed, there is so much that we cant know.