Wouldnt it be nice if you could just send your mind to work?

A down and out young man eagerly embraces a breakthrough technology that allows him to send just a replica of his mind to work, leaving him with plenty of time to mend his shattered personal life. As his replica mind toils away in the Mind Garden to maintain his modest living, disturbing memories begin to barrage the man, prompting him to investigate the Mind Garden and the strangers that are haunting his flashbacks. But he becomes consumed with finding elusive answers and his search sets off a chain of events that leave him unsure who he is, who is against him and even whether he can trust loved ones.

Beyond 558 will grab readers with its shocking introduction and keep them turning the pages as the main characters mind is subject to a new form of terrorism  mind terrorism. The pace is fast and surprises keep coming as the story teeters on both sides of reality/perception, rationality/irrationality, confusion/serenity.